Ode to Those Who’ve Passed | Spoken Word Poetry

By Michael Redgen.

I’ve been kicking goals this week and have just finished putting together my newest video for a poem called Ode to Those Who’ve Passed.

This poem captures the essence of what life is like for the people left behind after someone has passed away and attempts to reframe death and funeral poetry as something universal and that can be shared by anyone currently experiencing grief.

I feel that the music and visuals really add to the depth of emotion and, honestly I feel that the words are a true reflection of what it’s like to experience loss of a loved one.

This poem was hard for me to record, as it’s that time of year when I truly reflect on the people who have died recently. However, I feel that it was the perfect time to record this poem as it might help other people also reflect on their grief in their time of need.

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