Karl Redgen is a freelance screenwriter and filmmaker currently living in Vancouver

Mike Redgen is an academic writer and freelance poet currently living in Brisbane

The Redgen Brothers’ Story

Identical twins, Karl and Mike Redgen have been passionately involved in the creative arts for over 10 years, working in several different industries in Australia including film & television, music, theatre, and poetry. Working in these fields has helped them hone their writing skills, and with a love for movies and a passion for characters and world-building, their unique voice and style truly shine in their writing. So far, The Redgen Brothers have completed four unique feature screenplays and are currently working on a new full-length feature that will be completed later this year.

Karl Redgen

Raised in a rural mining town in the country of Australia, Karl moved to Melbourne to pursue his career in film, directing several music videos and short films. After studying a wide range of film subjects at university, Karl found a job in the film industry working as a 1AD and producer on several Australian short and feature films, including his most recent short film, ‘Jacks’ that has been screened at 15 film festivals worldwide.

With his love of filmmaking, Karl soon developed a passion for screenwriting focusing primarily on strong characters and world-building. He has edited and assisted several directors in developing their screenplays into shooting scripts. He has recently relocated to Vancouver to pursue his career as a screenwriter.

Mike Redgen

For over 10 years, Mike has worked as a freelance musician, sound engineer, and stage manager, playing in several bands around Melbourne and Brisbane and coordinating many events including reenactment, theatre, and poetry. Falling out of love with the music industry, Mike quickly found a passion for writing and devoted his time to poetry and screenwriting, completing two books of poetry, a couple of feature films, and a short play called A Fist Full of Change that won the people’s choice award at The Vanguard Theatre Festival.

Since completing his Bachelor of Arts at UQ, Mike continues to explore many different writing disciplines, using language in creative and unique ways. Mike’s biggest passion in life is poetry and his profound introspections and reflection on the world help him to soothe his restless soul, and with a unique grasp of universal metaphor and imagery, he explores in depth the topics of life that are both personal and relatable. If you are interested in reading his work, you can find his recently published poems on Vocal.